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Wendy L
Consistent Excellence I have been working with Suzanna for many years. She is so knowledgeable, reliable, professional. I always feel safe with her. The location is great. The atmosphere is great. She knows my usual problems and always helps to heal them, and when I experience something new and complicated, she knows how to get right to it.
Linda T.
Miracle Worker Review of Suzanna Young Everett CLMT

Suzanna, I have made a miraculous recovery following my massage. My every day pain is nonexistent.  I thank you very much for all of your efforts to help me. They worked!

Darren M
Best In Santa Barbara! Suzanna is an incredible bodyworker. I have been seeing her off and on for many years now. She is highly skilled at what she does and has an intuitive sense of knowing exactly what I need every session. Her space is warm and inviting and is incredibly clean and quiet.
Kat P
Helps with athletic injuries Suzanna knows how to navigate you body and she is so good at listening to what your needs are. Highly recommend! You absolutely will feel safe about the environment. She is very careful and the room is very cozy and she has heat on the massage table. It's the best!
Kim P
Intuitive, Talented & Caring! Feeling fortunate that a friend recommended Suzanna for massage therapy to get a handle on aches and pains. Best news is that Suzanna really listens and adapts her massages to the needs of the moment; she’s professional and personable, super-knowledgeable, and you can feel her experience in various techniques making a difference both while you’re on her comfy table and for days afterwards. Big shout-out to a wonderful masseuse!
Kelsey Mc
Amazing bodywork massages!! I'm so glad I found Take 5 Bodywork. Incredible experience every time I go. Suzanna is so talented and each massage is completely customized for what your needs are on that particular day. Great value and attention to detail. Her hands are magic!
Heather B
She Has the Right Stuff Suzanna is very good. She has helped me immensely with controlling my chronic pain in my neck and upper back/shoulders. Do not waste your time looking at anybody else in Santa Barbara, book her now! Your body will thank you.
Chrissy B
Loved!! I went there for a prenatal massage and she has such a relaxing environment, and knew just were to hit the spots that were giving me issues. Suzanna was very friendly, professional, and I felt at home with her. Definitely recommend!
Deacon S
Mt Best message in CA.
Five Star Massage Suzanna offers amazing massage experiences, whether it’s for relaxation or therapeutic purposes, in an oasis of tranquility. It is so nice that she takes the time to discuss with you your specific needs, & tailors the massage to achieve the best results. It is clear & assuring that she has a breadth of knowledge of how the body works, the muscle system, & the connection between the two. Suzanna is always professional, respectful, personable, & she consistently gives a massage to remember!
Gary R
good stuff Suzanna's massages are so great. You don't want to just take 5. You'll want to take at least 60 or 75!
Satomi D
Perfect prenatal massage! Review of Suzanna Young Everett CLMT I needed prenatal massage and looking for licensed and experienced masseuse in town. I’ve been to her office three times now but every time she listen to my problem and focus on the part I have most problem with. I always feel much better after my visit. She is very thoughtful and best! She cares my body and baby and perform great massage! This is my go to massage!
Aldo B
wonderful experience i felt rejuvinated body and's a special experience that carries on days later.
Debbie D.
Five Stars! Suzanna knows exactly what to do to make you feel your best self!  
Five stars for quality, customer service, wait time, environment, and for those healing hands.

Monica B
Wow Suzanna took my neck, which I could hardly move, and slowly brought it back to life with her thoughtful attention and healing hands. A wonderful therapist, a great space!
Aldo B
massage review this was absolutely the best massage i"ve had. ever. i waked out feeling great. my neck especially was free of tension and could move with greater range of motion. I will definitely be a regular customer.
Jana C
Wonderful Relaxing Body Work Suzanna brings a lovely combination of approaches to working with the body. I really enjoyed the combination of trigger point release and craniosacral. The hot towels were a delight as well. I will definitely go back!
Mike M.
Delightful! It is always delightful to get a massage at Take5. Suzanna, you are always pleasant and the quality of your massages is always first-rate! Thank you.
Joanne S
Healing in Luxury Certainly it is an indulgence, but it is so much more. Suzanne provides healing of your body and stress.
Jane C
Relief! After a week of pain, the morning after the massage, a woke up with NO pain! Can't thank you enough for accommodating my need for lots of bolsters and pillows, but mostly for your knowledge of the body, and your ability to make me feel great. On my way for a walk, with no pain in my hips....!
Adrienne V
A fantastic massage I thoroughly benefited from the one hour session. It was wonderful. Not only was it relaxing but it gave me a lot of positive energy afterwards. I was at the post office afterwards and didn’t mind the wait and when I got home I got going on cooking two different dinner meals to have on hand during the week. I slept very well at night. Thank you, Susanna.
Tracey P
Relief at Last I had been suffering for awhile with Vertigo and a headache. One session from Suzanna and I felt SO MUCH better. Thanks Suzanna!
john M
Super Suzanna Suzanna Young is an amazing Massage Therapist. Over the last two years she has made a huge difference in the way I feel Physically and mentally as well. I used to suffer from chronic headaches and neck pain, since I started getting treatment from Suzanna my problem has improved dramatically. Her knowledge of her work and skill level is truly second to none. Thats why she is Super Suzanna to me:)
Kate C
Got rid of my back pain! I've had a knot in my back for months and Suzanna got rid of it in 10 minutes! How cool is that. It was really lovely and a great worktime break. Everyone should go!
Monica B
Wonderful experience Suzanna stayed late to help me out in an acute back situation. She provided immense relief, beyond my expectations. She has a lovely set-up and clearly know what she is doing. I'm happy i found her!
audrey p
Take 5 Bodywork Experience My experience with Suzanna at Take 5 Bodyworks has been wonderful. The massages have the best I have ever had. Suzanna is very caring and very professional. She has helped me tremendously with my back and my legs. I would recommend her services very highly.
Julie N
Conscious nurturing I so appreciate Suzanna's conscious nurturing massage. She is aware of me as a client and what I need. She allows me the quiet to be able to really receive the nurturing touch she is providing. I love working with conscious people like Suzanna. I highly recommend her work.
Stefan P
Amazing The session i had with Suzanna was amazing. The massage was great, she focused on the spots that i have pain and shortly all the pain was gone. She was very gentle and nice. I recommend her to anybody with back pain like i have.
Michael W
Back Pain Suzanna did a wonderful job on my painful back and offered helpful advice to help it heal faster
Sharon G
Great massage Review of Suzanna Young Everett CLMT My massage experience with Suzanna was so great, nurturing and intuitive. It was very relaxing and healing. I highly recommend her!
Julia Stanaro
Such a great work break Stopped by for a mid-work break, and was exactly what I needed. Her table is amazing, and I felt so refreshed after. Thank you!!
Madeline C
Such a relaxing break! I got a mini massage with Suzanna yesterday during my lunch break at work. It was a great break from sitting at a computer all day and I came back to work feeling so relaxed. I'll definitely be going back for a longer session next time!
Jane Kern
Massage Magic! Suzanna Young gives a magical massage. No "body" should miss out on such a rejuvenating experience. Her massages are a part of my life and, hopefully, will be of yours.
Cherie R
Best Bodywork! Suzanna's massages makes it possible for me to continue working. She's conscientious of enough pressure and will ease up if pressure is too much. She's great at working out all my knots in my back and neck, I couldn't function without her caring bodywork.
Julie N
Healing Hands Suzanna has incredibly healing hands. When she massages me, I am able to really let go and relax deeply. This allows me to be much more grounded. She finds areas that I haven't even noticed are tense and tight and knows how to allow them to release the tension. She brings such balance. I so appreciate her massage and highly recommend her work. Julie Newendorp
Rudi L
A New Me! your massages are very relaxing and nurturing, i leave your office a new person:)
Jane C
Lovely Experience! Suzanna is sensitive to her client's needs; fluffy pillows, a gentle or firm touch, a beautiful, quiet and peaceful massage space, and water - if you need it! I have lower back issues, and we've been able to make adjustments to take care of that. Give her a try, you will be pleased and feel grand!
Jestina S
whoosah Suzanna was simply a pleasure to be around. It was a bonus that her hands worked magic with my postpartum worn out bod. No complaints; lovely little space she has as well! Be ready to be at peace and secluded from the chaos of this world in her presence
Jane Kern
Unbelievable! Review of Suzanna Young Everett CLMT Suzanna's massages are the most relaxing and rejuvenating ones in town! Absolutely, don't fail to treat yourself to the best! Healing and holistic!
audrey p
Suzanna Young Suzanna is the best massage therapist I have ever had. She is absolutely wonderful.
Chrissy S
If you need a magical touch..... Review of Suzanna Young Everett CLMT Suzanna has healing hands. I haven't felt this good in months! She's very tuned into what areas need the most attention. And that bed....!! I wanted to bring her and that bed home!! The best massage ever.